About Us

Our Approach

Locally owned and operated by fellow enthusiasts with over 25+ years of hands on combined experience.  We pride ourselves with outdoing our competitors and building things no one seems to be able to figure out!  Our team has a diverse set of skills and talents, committed to making sure every job we take on is done right and to your satisfaction.

Our Story

Most of us grew up with family members building hotrods, going to car shows, and collecting Hot Wheels!   The Passion really took off once we got our drivers license and some of use even before!  I taught my little brother to drive my manual transmission turbocharged Civic when he was 10 years old!

Some of our first cars, required motor swaps just to get the opportunity to drive for the first time and then multiple more times to stay running from there....  My 91 Eagle Talon was the fastest thing in High school, when it ran of course.   I loved to put a hurting on those v8 camaros and mustangs!!!

Growing up, Welding was the one thing I couldn't do.  I managed to fabricate some things and then convince my girlfriends dad to Tig Weld it all for me!  Naturally, that was the next step....

Insert Tech School, where my instructor told me the stainless turbo manifold/header I wanted to build was over my head and out of my skillset.

Insert Entry Level Jobs where one of the first thing I got to pursue building is........  You guessed it, a custom Turbo manifold!!!!  Follow that with multiple years of hands on experience starting with Import cars to Supercar Lamborghini's, Dodge Viper's and Ford GT's.  

We Have traveled the country racing the cars we've built pursing that passion that fuels our creativity and dreams. 

Its hard to Name off all our associated accomplishments and accolades, below are some of the things we like to take pride in being apart of and a few efforts we cherish.  

Dodge Viper ACR-X Series Champions 2010 (Whitehead Motorsports)

Great Experience Running and Winning against many notable celebrity drivers!

Tanner Foust, Andy Bell, Travis Pastrana, Bucky Lasek, Maryeve dufault, Robby Gordon, Kurt Busch, and Dodge's own Hired Gun Kuno Wittmer all got piece of these punk ass kids!!   We would show up in our toterhome, hop out in flip flops and swim trunks.  Prep the car with shoe strings, new brakes pads, tires and then proceed to set lap records every where we went! 

2010 Dodge Viper Cup ACR-X   

World's Fastest Dodge Viper in the Standing Mile (A.R.T.)

This project started a Daily driver street car that turned into a Max effort Racecar program.  We handled all of the Chassis and Forced Induction related Fabrication that went into this car.   It went on run the Texas Mile a few consecutive years in the early 2010's with a top speed of 240+mph in the standing mile.    

Texas Mile Dodge Viper


Worlds Quickest and Fastest 1/4 Mile drag racing Dodge Viper  ( A.R.T.)

This project was a car originally built for the Late Raymond Hoffman.  We originally engineered the Turbo/Engine package combined with the backhalved chassis conversion being done by Jerry Haas Racecars.   The car went onto a new owner and was in turn sent to  Jeff Lutz to make the car go down the track and put up the Record holding numbers of ET and MPH for a Dodge Viper in the Quarter Mile.  

Drag Racing Dodge Viper


2011 Dodge Viper ACR-X Series Participants  (3 Cars, A.R.T. )

In 2011 we campaigned 3 new Dodge Viper ACR-X cars around the country for various customers and clients with multiple podium finishes.   We participated in a Celebrity invite only TV aired race with 20+ big name drivers

2011 Dodge Viper Cup ACR-X  


Big Bend Open Road Race:  Navigator, Crew. 

Family Fun, Multiple year participant as a navigator.  Hope to Drive in the next few years with one of our wild rides.  

BBOR mustang BBOR navigator

Ford GT Texas Mile Racing

In the Late 2000's, we attended the Texas Mile a few different times with and Twin Turbo Ford GT's.  We built and campaigned at least 10 different Cars and/or Setups over 3-4 years with a few 220+ mph passes.   

Ford Gt Hauler

Twin Turbo Ford GT  Camo Ford GT Texas Mile

Import Drag Racing

In the early 2000's we had a handful of cars run local and national events based off insane levels of power through small displacement 4 cylinder engines.   These cars pioneered the way to modern day Forced Induction setups and Fabrication skills.