New Twin Turbo Variant for Muscle Cars and Hotrods

We have recently made some revisions to our c10 truck Style Twin Turbo kit to fit better in a car chassis/ setup.    The Truck kit was originally engineered to be a tightly packaged universal setup.  Fast forward a few years, and we have had some requests to do things a little different in an effort to fit many other Cars and combinations.   This kit was built off a 66' Chevelle.  

We are proud to introduce our new Hotrod Car style Twin Turbo Variation.   This Turbo Kit has a revised set of Downpipes and Wastegate placement to tighter engine bays with intact fender wheels.   This Kit allows the for use of the stock ignition coils and valves covers with no modification.  The biggest visible difference is the downpipe routing now goes up and over the top of the valve covers and tucks down behind the last set of spark plugs to follow the Firewall under the car.  

Combined with the Recirculated Dump tube option, This Variation drastically reduces the under hood heat and number of components on the hot side of the turbo kit. 




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