New Product! LSX Universal Turbo Manifolds - Down and Forward Style.

These are new Manifolds we are offering for those of you who want to get creative with your Turbo placement or have limited space constraints. 

These are configured,  Down and Forward Style fitment that terminate with a Male/ Female V band Flange set on both sides.   These do not come with a Wastegate provision or Turbo Inlet.

Exceptional spark plug Clearance.   No need to relocate coils or hassle checking plugs when hot. 

304L Stainless Steel Sch Pipe construction

1/2" billet Flanges

Male/ Female Fire rings Billet V bands

Hand Fabricated and Welded in Austin, Tx

These are offered in Two sizes, and For LS or LT (gen V) Engines

Small to Medium Frame Turbos -  T3 and T4 Turbos.  Approx ~ 2.5" main Runner size (2" sch pipe) w/ 2.5" V-Bands.  500-1500 WHP 

Large Frame Turbos-    T6 Turbos, Approx. 3" main runner size (2.5" sch pipe) w/ 3" v bands.  1500+ WHP

LSX Twin Turbo Log Manifold - Down and Forward

LSX Turbo Manifold - Universal Fitment - Down and Forward

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