New Downpipe Options - Single Turbo Kits - Recirculated Dumptubes

We have added some new options starting with out Single Turbo Kit configurations.     We now have 4" downpipe options with Recirculated dump Tubes.    These configurations are meant to fit larger turbos and Exhaust tubing within the factory frame frails and wheel tubs on many muscle cars. 

This configuration will dump your wastegates Exhaust back into the Downpipe or Turbo outlet pipe for better clearance under the hood.  This makes the entire package less intrusive and tighter fitting.     

One of the best features of our manifolds that we like to take a  lot of pride in, is the plug clearance.    The manifolds alone already have superior plug clearance that makes spark plug swaps a breeze.   Now with the Recirculated Dump Tubes and Downpipes, the coils and plugs are even easier to access with no coil relocation necessary!

Click here for details   Single Turbo Kit

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