2007 Lexus IS250 LS3 T56 conversion

This is project we have been working on and off for a few years on now in our spare time.    Its a an original 6 speed manual transmission with a Gen IV based 6.0L Ls engine swap mated to a Tremec T56 Transmission from a Camaro SS. 

Our goal is to offer a Full Bolt in kit for the 2IS community to pursue this platform with a viable alternative to the very limited aftermarket on these cars. 

We currently offer the Motor Mounts, Custom Oil Pan w/ Pickup Tube,  Intake Setup, Stainless Steal Headers, Transmission Crossmember, Coolant Fit Pot,  and Universal Wiring Harness Kits.  These Items are Available separately on our Online Store or as complete Kit.   This allows for full bolt in affair with no cutting or compromises to the car. 

We have been receiving a lot of questions regarding technical info on the extent of conversion. So stay tuned for a write up geared to answer some more specific information in that regard with a Gallery of the build process. 

Our personal Car is still a work in progress with the factory systems 95% functional at this time.  Check out the video below of the car up and running with dash functioning and a new custom exhaust installed  (albeit a few warning lights..)  

We have been Daily driving the car with approx 500 miles thus far or issue free cruising. 

We are running a P59 Chevrolet PCM tuned with HPTUNERS to run the LS engine and factory LEXUS gauges in conjunction with the stock LEXUS PCM.    This allows the use of the factory electric power steering, AIr conditioning, Electric Fans, and Gauges while still retaining ABS functionality.   

We have a few more mods planned for the near future with trip to the dyno hopes of putting down some very respectable horsepower numbers.    600whp+ is the goal with Nitrous on the current setup.




  • I have a 2006 is250 awd can you guys put the (ls1+tranny on my car )
    Can I pay your price if your shop do the job and I buy the motor+tranny.

  • what coils or springs do you run because i have coilovers but i don’t like them

  • Could this kit be at all possible for a 3is platform? If not are you planning to create one?

    Jordan Vernon
  • Hey I’m interested in knowing more about this kit! My Instagram is @Lexzila I have 9k active followers. Is the kit completely swapping the engine and the transmission? Which LS engine is it from? How much power do you make with this setup? Please get back to me, thank you

    John Nguyen

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