Drag Unit LSX P71 Crown Victoria

This is a Shop Owned 2009 Ford Crown Victoria P71 that started life as a Texas State Highway Patrol car.    We've had the car in our possession now for a few of years and we wasted no time on modifications.

We started out with a full Airbag System fabricated for the car in an effort to lower it as much as possible!    After about 2 years, the stupid ass ford engine started blowing spark plug out of itself and banging into the hood!   After months of trying to find replacement parts, We gave up.....


Insert LS swap.   We pulled a 300k+ mile junkyard gen III 5.3L LM7 from the local parts yard combined with a 4l80e transmission from who knows what.    Fabbed up a Turbo Kit with some spare parts and made her run again!!!  

That Lasted about 6 months before decided I wanted more power.....

Insert BIg Turbo.....

We sold the setup off the car, Bought a VSracing billet T6 s480 clone and fabbed up some custom headers to complete a much nicer turbo setup.

We made some internal changes with a Sloppy Stage 2 cam, PAC 1218 springs with a pair of 6.0L 317 Lq4 heads.   

The transmission came out for a Cicle D Single Disk Pro Convertor with a 3400k stall.  We also took the time to install a Transgo HD2 shift kit.

The car made a best pass of 10.6 @ 133 mph on 20 psi of boost. 

The car sports 15x10 rear aluminum Jegs wheels with M & H racemaster 275/60/15 Drag Radials.

Stay Tuned for 2019 off season updates!


  • I’m starting a ls project on my 05 grand marquis. Would love your insight. Please let me know if your available.

    Darian James
  • What did you guys use for the engine and transmission mounts on the crown Vic ls swap thinking about running a 6.0 and 4l80

  • Did u retain the factory gauges? I’m currently working on a 2005 p71 would like so info if so

  • Did u retain factory gauges? If so could u help me out with some info on how u did. In the process of swapping a LS in my 2005 p71 but dont know what to do with DBW pedal or factory gauges

  • Trying to do a similar conversion- have a 2004 P71 car with about 250,000 on it and its just a matter of time before the engine goes south- have an LQ9/4L80E to go into it- does anyone make a conversion kit for this? Would be great if that was the case. Hate to reinvent the wheel. Looks like you guys went about it from scratch- want to see if I can get there a bit easier. Ever consider marketing a kit- sure it would be a hit and has a lot of possible recipients since there were- from what I know- 10 million made- so a lot of a market out there.


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