2015 Corvette C7 Z06 Twin Turbo Build Details.

We are pleased to announce the release of our C7 Twin Turbo Kit.  Our Team has spent the last 6 months developing and refining this kit to in our opinion, it's  absolute best possible iteration.    The fitment of this setup has strategically been developed to alleviate many of the hassles and sacrifices with Turbocharging a Corvette.  

Two of the biggest objectives going into development, were to make no sacrifices to ground clearance under the chassis and avoid at all costs using a Scavenge Pump to return the oil from the Turbochargers back into the Crankcase.     Armed with a 3d scanner and an Industrial 3D printer.   We went right to work with plastic  Mockups of Headers, Turbos, and Intercooler options.    Ultimately, we were able to tick all of those concerns off the list and come with some unique solutions that no one else is offering with a bolt on Corvette Twin Turbo Kit. 

Our Development car, was a 2015 C7 Z06 Corvette.  The car came to us with an ~800whp, tastefully modified stock LT4 Blower, Engine, and Transmission.   The current goal is to make 1200whp with the 62mm VSR Gen 3 Turbos we selected.  These are a Dual Ball Bearing, Billet Compressor Wheel, Mirror Image, Dual V-banded Turbochargers.   These new Mirror Image Turbo options are a game changer with fitment, combined with Dual V-band housings making the TT Kit easier to Install and Maintenance. 

The build starts with a pair of hand made, Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifolds.  These feature 1/2"  CNC  Billet head flanges with internally machined tubing transitions.   We use thick wall 304L Sch 10 Pipe for the primary construction.  These are Hand Tig welded in Austin, Tx,  Fully Back Purged and ported Turbo Manifolds.    Setup for 45mm Turbosmart Hypergates and Dual V-band, Reverse Rotation Turbine Housings.  

We provide a 3" Stainless Steel Downpipes from the Turbos configured to fit up to an Aftermarket 3" X pipe with Slip fits.   The V- Bands provide a ton of adjustment which is why we do recommend the external Dumptube/ base option for the Wastegate Configuration.  The Recirculated option does provide some complexity with fabrication and install.  The Dumptubes then become a two piece design with slip fit connections with the Recirculated/internal Dump option.  

Moving from the hot side of the Turbo Kit, the cold side starts with a 7" thick dual Core Air to Air Front Mounted Intercooler.  The Intercooler Features a Side to side Horizontal configuration.  We hand fabricate the End tanks out of 1/8" thick 6061 Aluminum and add a 3" inlet and 3" outlet to each side of the core.    The Intercooler fits within the stock brake ducts and has provisions to remount the additional Transmission Cooler offered on some models of the C7 Corvette.  

The Intercooler piping consist of 2.5" tubing from the Turbos, through the suspension to the front of the car with Heavy Duty, 4 ply silicone couplers protecting the tight passthroughs and potential wear spots.   We decided this was a practical tradeoff to create this "wear" item vs. any sacrifice to ground clearance or turning radius.   

We added a Tial 50mm Blow off Valve to the outlet pipe of the intercooler towards the Throttle Body, followed by the MAF about 12" inches away in the straight most part of the tube.     This allows the BOV to do its job without affecting the air being metered by the Mass Air Flow Sensor      This is a Large 4" intake tube under the hood and really the only visible part of our Turbo Kit once the car is fully assembled.

The Turbos are protected on the Intake Side with Turbo-Guard Screen Filters.  We do intend to make a small removable filter setup for long drives and questionable conditions.   

As for the Oiling System,  the Turbos are  mounted  high enough that they can effectively gravity drain without the need for an external scavenge pump. Also, technically these LT4/ Z51 equipped cars already are using the dry sump system to scavenge oil from the pan and return it to the oil tank as an added benefit.   We did have to remove the Stock Oil Cooler that uses coolant for Heat Exchange.  This is a Large, Bulky, Inefficient unit that just takes up valuable Turbocharger real estate!  Combined with the reputation of being an oil "heater,"  we opted for a traditional front mounted Oil Cooler to provide additional cooling with the Turbocharger System     This was achieved with an "Improved Racing Block Adapter"  including an internal thermostat and Additional ports for Turbo Oil Feed Pressure Supply.   We ran -10AN stainless braided lines from the adapter to a front bumper mounted oil Cooler designed to draw air from the diver side brake duct.    DMS Slim Fit Turbo Drain fittings allowed us to route the Return lines directly into the bottom of the factory oil pan.    These  are -10AN bung Fittings welded into the OEM oil pan from the inside and outside.     The feed is setup with one 4an line off the Adapter block, and then T'd off to each Turbo. 

As for the supporting modifications. Here is a quick rundown of what we did to support our Power Goals of 1200whp

  • Fore Innovations C7 Fuel System, Triple pump, FC3 controller.
  • Reflex Motive Port Fuel Injection Controller 
  • TurboSmart E-boost Controller, Innovate WIdeband 02 Sensor
  • DSX Port Injection Fuel Rails, ID1000 Additional Fuel injectors x8
  • ProCharger LT1 Intake Manifold w/ Custom Logo Plate.
  • ARP Head Bolts & ARP Stainless Header Studs
  • Stage 2 Supercharge cam, Dual Valve springs.
  • Circle D Custom Torque Convertor
  • DSX Solid Motor Mounts
  • DSX Billet Valve Covers with Dual 10an Breather ports. 
  • Accel Ceramic Spark plug wires
  • DSX Maf/Baro Breakout harness.  DSX Flex Fuel Kit
  • PTP Turbo Blankets
  • Enigma Coatings,  Ceramic Coatings
  • Hptuners MVPI3 w/ Pro Link

Check Back as we update this blog post throughout the week with pictures and more detailed information. 

(Updated,  6-11-21)












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